About Me


About Me

Hi, my name is Jason and I am a self-directed learner.

I am a former home school student, recent public high school graduate, and current student at Glendale Community College, studying computer science.  Most importantly, I am a student of life.

I’m a dabbler and advocate of self-directed education. I aim to promote awareness and understanding of alternatives in education so that kids (and adults too!) aren’t stuck with an education method or system that just doesn’t fit them. I am very passionate about letting students decide what works best for them. I want to help other students achieve success, with or without school.

I’ve experienced a handful of different types of schooling: public schooling, home schooling, private schooling, online schooling. Despite this, most of what I know I have learned outside of formal education.

I enjoy a wide variety of interests: economics, engineering, entrepreneurship, computer science, languages, philosophy, mathematics, sustainability, and of course, education. My hobbies include biking, hiking, programming, playing the piano, parkour, and taking up new hobbies.

About the Site

On this site’s main pages you will find my portfolio of projects I’m working on or have finished. On the blog you’ll find updates on the progress of my projects, how-to articles, and analytical opinion pieces. I hope you, the reader, are inspired by these examples in your quest for self-education!