Quitting School Help

I’m dedicated to helping students get out of school or mitigate the impact of school on their lives.

I personally have experienced the terrible anxiety that comes with being stuck in school and wanting to quit. I faced that challenge alone. My uncertainty made me take an unnecessary compromise in my reach for freedom: I wanted to drop out, but I transferred to an online program instead.

I want to make sure that no other school-averse student has to face that challenge alone and uninformed. I want to give students the absolute confidence in themselves to succeed without school. I want to stop the myth that school is the only option. Put simply, my mission is to make quitting school easy and ubiquitous.

In fact, I am so dedicated to this mission, that I will advise and mentor school-averse students throughout the process of quitting school, for free. Contact me and we’ll set up an appointment to chat via Skype.

Also browse my literature on the topic. I have written numerous articles on the hows and whys of quitting school and there are more to come. Read Why Quit School? to learn why students quit school and what they do instead.